Top 10 best ways of earn money online in India

I have online experience of about 2 years and I found that there are hundreds of website/apps available on internet for earning money , In this post you found top 10 best ways of earn money through online in  India after reading this blog you easily know the ways of earn money also you able to earn a good amount of money without any investment.

The working of all apps and sites are almost same but method and tricks of earning changes all the process. It’s also depend on your choose apps, if you work  on any faulty  app then your all afford will waste  because such apps never pay you .

However before two years I started at ground zero with little knowledge but with full passion and In these two years i learned lots of tricks and now I earn 40-45K per month with only 2-3 hours working at home.

In this article I try to share many tricks and path  for making money which i use .

I starting to try many ways step by step found that only 2-3 ways are suitable/interesting for everyone. So my advice to all readers that please not hesitate to use any legal way for earning money online you will automatically found your bests after some time.

I am dividing these Top 10 Best way in 5 easiest and 5 Huge money  ways in India.

Top 10 best ways to earn money online in India

  1. Top 5 Easiest ways to earn money through online in India

  2. Top 5 ways to earn huge money through online in India

Top 5 Easiest ways to earn money through online in India

There are number of apps and websites available on internet where you can start your journey by only signup. As all these are instant money making ways so you will earn income according to your completed task/work. Every task has a fixed money and you get this after successfully completion. Don’t worry all available works are so easy and everyone finished these with basic internet knowledge , After capture required money in your wallet you also transfer this in your bank account by paypal or paytm.


Earn money by downloading apps in India

You can easily make money by downloading and successful installation of apps, actually this is the marketing way to promote his apps, this is as simple as you download any app from playstore, all apps have a link for downloading,

After downloading app you will earn instant rewards in many cases, some apps rewards will come after 24 hours, please always play min 5 minute with the app after installation for redeem your successful installation information.

You can easily earn Rs.150-200 daily by downloading and referral, still I am earning 8-12K monthly by this segment, you also read about Top 10 highest paying apps.

Once you get reward you also uninstall the app don’t very you already get rewarded earlier. Also please don’t download such apps which you have already registered because you will not earn any reward by downloading these apps. Don’t use any trick for making money faster all apps developer are too smart as we, and if they found any wrong in your account they will blocked your account permanently.


  • Earn money by simple downloading apps, you also updated for new apps.
  • Earn money by simple referral to other.
  • Many apps available in market.
  • You easily earn Rs. 4-6k in a month.


  • Limited income as limited apps available for downloading.
  • Many fake apps available in market.
  • Mobile Memory issue.


Earn money by completing simple task  in India

This is my best Segment for earning money with joy, I use this segment for making money with my regular activities, there are lots of manners available for making money by this way, and you can earn easily 8-13K per month by various tasks within 2-3hours working on every day. I mention below some type of work with in this segment,

  • Earn money by go to shopping center, mall, restaurant.
  • Earn money by scan the barcode.
  • Earn money by completed the few minute task.
  • Earn money by like the page.
  • Earn money by completed the survey.
  • Earn money by SMS Sending.

All works are simple, anyone can do after registration on app and site and enjoy the earning,


  • Joy full work for making money through online
  • Many manners available for making money


  • Limited task in some conduct


Earn money by Data Entry in India

If you are good in writing/lettering or this is your passion then this way is for you for making nice fixed income from online by this, you don’t need any experience, only done registration on site and fill some simple form for ,main part of this is that you also do your work by offline after select your work when your work is complete you submit this for approval and after approval you will get your fix reward , if you are not good in writing then please don’t try this because you will earn money according to your data submission. Every data/task have a fix cost.

As I am not good in typing, I don’t do this but many of my friends are earning a fixed income by do regular work, they are making 8-15K easily in a month according to completed work.

Note – Please don’t get bluffed by any fake company, please checks the company authentication on Google before working.


  • No Limit of work
  • Fixed income as per work
  • Work done by offline


  • Income depend on your work
  • Low Price of Task


Earn money by Captcha Solving  in India

There are many sites available where you will making money by captcha solving, this is the best work of those who have a big free time and not able to do other work online, in this work you required only ability to solve given captcha as you have solve many time on any other sites only difference is that this time you will earn some money by solving this. If you singup on 5-10 sites you will easily earn 3-10K in a month by working of min 5-6 hours daily according to your speed.  That why I recommend you please use this option at last for making money but if you have no other work then start this you will earn a confirm bit money every month by this.

Note – Please don’t get bluffed by any fake company, please checks the company authentication on Google before working.


  • No dependency, earn as per your work
  • Many sites available in market


  • Limited income
  • Time depended work


Earn money by watching ads-video  in India

If you like to make easy money without doing anything then this segment is for you, by this segment you will make money by watching video and ads, actually this is marketing strategies for braiding his products Mostly all apps rules are same only rewards type is differ, some apps pay you direct cash, some gift in form of recharge or coupon.


  • Earn money by simple watching video and ads
  • Earn money by simple referring to other.
  • Too many apps available in market.
  • You will easily earn Rs.5-8K in a month.


  • Mostly apps have limited ads and video so per app earning is limited.
  • Many fake apps availability.


Top 5 ways to earn huge money through online in India

When we discuss about huge and regular income from internet then you required some patience for outcome you should be ready for invest some money for starting, but when your setup is completed you will earn a sufficient amount of money by relaxing on chair or do your regular works, for reading complete guide and Tips and Tricks to make money online in India sitting at home.

Earn money by Google Adsence  in India


When we think about huge money from online then Google Adsense is a great platform for create some extra income from your website in India. Google Adsense is a advertising placement service  so when you linked your website with Google Adsense Google placed some ads on your website page and after this your work is over and you will earn money whenever  anyone click on these ads .

If you have already a website then by just added the website with Google Adsense your will start to earn money according to traffic come on your site , you easily  earn Rs, 1000 to 5000 per day.

If you are newbie and you don’t have any programming skills then you should be start with blogging. As with blogging you able to start your online carrier with min investment and by share your expertise on internet.  I also written a article of complete guide of making money by Google Adsense you read this by click on link.

I know many beginners have refuse this way at first time, As you understand that many work and money required before earning and right now you want to search a way for huge immediate income, but please believe me if you have good sprite for money making from online and you will continue search your bests a month then you will come again for recognize this way.

There are many other alternative in this Category like Bidvertiser but in my opinion Google Adsence is the best.


  • Earn regular income by one unique idea or effort.
  • Google Search Engine help to make money by keep visitors on your site.
  • You able to add multiple sites on your one adsence account.


  • Some investment required.
  • Long time period for first income


Earn money By Youtube


If you want to earn money by publish your skills, fun and creativity in a video then this is the perfect platform for you, you start to use this by make some good videos and add these on your YouTube channel. You also add your channel on Google Adsense, when anyone come on your video for watching you will earn some money. You also do marketing of your channel on different networking sites.

Whenever you play a video on YouTube one add appear on your video and when you skip this add your video will come, this is how Google made money from your video and share it with you. It’s simple meaning more audiences more money.

Right now every smart phone holder has common habit to watch video on Youtube, before starting the channel and uploading video please use accurate keywords in subject of your video, accurate keywords will help to invite more crowd, always prefer prime address keywords, exp – if you want to upload a once pop dance video which shouted in brother wedding “then your main keywords are Pop dance or wedding pop dance,

Some themes/subjects like – baby fashion dress, dance video, fun video, any dish making video, craft video, mobile bug solving video etc   have watches on YouTube similar to any celebrates video.


  • Earn regular income by video
  • Google and YouTube Search engine help for audiences.


  • Instant income not possible
  • You required your big following.

Earn money through Buy or Sale Domain  in India

Domain name is like a plot where anyone builds a business on internet ,This is a big way to make money by simple buy or sale a Domain name , Everyone wants a unique Domain name for his website many company spend too much for purchase a require Domain.

Domain is a identification of any website like is a Domain name of Google,  now suppose Google wants to start a new company for footwear market  and wants a new company Domain is but when Google team go to internet for book  a Domain they found that this Domain already book by you. Now Google wants to purchase this Domain from you and as per your intelligence and negotiation skills you will sale this Domain at best price.

Sounds easy doesn’t it , you only book a Domain for some specific time and after this time you required to book again, so when you book a Domain you already spend some money and you want to sale this Domain at higher price for profit. That means you require knowledge of current market  like if you found a hint that this year many health company comes in market then you book a some domin with this segment and start to making money by bid of these Domain. You can book a prime address Domain name like- car, songs, dairy etc.



  • Big income segment


  • Instant income not possible
  • Groundwork required


Earn money by Blogging  in India

Blogging is place where you can express yourself and share your thoughts with the help of words so when we writing something related to any subject and post it on internet it is blog, right now this is a big segment of making money through online. You  written anything which you have a good knowledge like – blog for health, blog for any recipe, blog for weight loss or weight gain, blog for some technical subject, blog for tips for looking good, blog for simple tips of kids leaning etc and post this on internet by any blogging site or your own Domain website. After some time when your blog will famous you will starting to make money by your blog .

If you want to make money by this segment then first you have a good command on English writing, don’t worry if you have not a big knowledge of decided subject, please read about this on internet and when you thought that now you are ready then written this In your words.


  • Big regular income segment
  • By writing you also update your knowledge


  • Instant income not possible
  • Some investment required


Earn Money by affiliate programs

We all have seen some product add on facebook and social networking sites and someone requesting us for purchase these product on given link actually  in such cases company give a unique code to his customer and when some one purchase these product throug this unique code or link  then company reward some money to his customer.

This is as easy as we share some message on facebook and whatsapp to our friends for gossiping of cricket ,movie or any actress.

But this time you require to start gossiping with your friends for discussion of features and benefit of any new product whereby your friends think about buy this product.

you will read guide of affiliate marketing in post –How to Earn Money by affiliate programs



Earn money through whatsapp.

Friends Lots of people search money making ways on internet but someone knows that we will earn lots of money through whatsupp. we all use whatsapp in our life for share message and picture but after reading this article you able to earn through Whatsapp .

As whatsapp is a messenger service there is no direct way of earn money. But you start earning  through whatsapp by marketing or sharing of any brand for this you required to change your whatsapp member into money. continue ….


Earn money by social networking Sites  in India

As we all know that we all are connected with many social networking sites like – Facebook,twitter, Google+ etc and there are many way to make money by these  networking sites.

If you have a business or store then you easily do marketing of your product, store on face book and invite more customer , You also make a good page on Facebook and when your followers increases you can promote any brand product and website on you page and they can pay for this. You also earn a lot of money by creating apps for these networking sites, Twitter also works on pay-per click earning.

Beginners tips – Beginners also use these networking sites for promote his/her new blog/website, YouTube channel, any apps for earning referral money,


Apart from these there are many other ways to earn money, As I earlier say please don’t hesitate to use any legal way for earning money you will automatically found your bests after some time.


Other Way of earn Money Online :-

Earn Money By Bitcoins

What is Bitcoins

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency it has been created and held electronically.  Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto released to world for his peer to peer digital cash system  and debate that payment method and currency have no real  . Bitcoins aren’t printed like any other currency they are produced by human. Bitcoin transaction volume continues increased.

 Where I use Bitcoins

Bitcoin can be used as similar to spending money you also keep them for investment, you transfer these in your bank in money form, use these coins in international money transfer, store in your electronics wallet Like desktop wallet mobile wallet etc.


Why Bitcoins is now popular

Bitcoins is only asset in the world which cannot be confiscated by authorities, no one known about your Bitcoins, you able to keep Bitcoins as a big investment without intimate to any authority. you easily buy Bitcoins using of cash. After buying the Bitcoins your all assets will change in digital currency. According to CoinDesk’s State of Bitcoin and Blockchain 2016 report, right now approx 14 million bitcoin wallets  available and these will  double in coming  2 years.

There are many apps for earn by bitcoins like BitMaker ,Claim Bitcoins,,Free Bitcoin Maker , ETC



Thanks for reading this article , I hope this article will help you , If you have any quotation and suggestion then please comment down .
If you find that this article is useful then please share it with your friends.

Earn Money by sale your website

If you a familiar with website building than this as a good option for you, you only required to create a good website with specific topic and when your website gone popular you sale this at best price, you will easily found 2-3 L for a average site, All are depend on your website popularity and traffic.


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