Google Adsense complete guide for making money

Google Adsense complete guide  –  Google Adsense is a advertising placement service which pay you when anyone comes on your site and watching ads, Actually Google Adsense working on pay per click system. Adsense gives you some code of ads for put on your website pages and when you add these codes on your website your work is over now you will start to earn regularly according to your site popularity and traffic. Please note that Google Adsense have a very effective program for fixing the price of ads, you will earn any $0.01 to $0.25 according to popularity and traffic of your site.



If you are newbie  and you don’t have any programming skills then you should be start with blogging. As with blogging you able to start your online carrier with min investment and by share your expertise on internet.  

please start the blogging with your own domain , you will easily purchase your  domain on godaddy  or link with your blog or create a new website with this domain. Select some unique content and do the post on these, please don’t copy or paste other blog content on your blog as google is  far smart than us and wants some new and innovative content. Don’t upset, you are always free to read any article on internet, but please write this article with your best skills in your language, please understand that everyone have a different knowledge of any content and when many human search a same article on internet than they are selected the best article according to his/her requirement and need, some search for basic knowledge, some for good quality information, some required best technically expertise.

So don’t hesitate if you don’t  have a full knowledge of any content , please written whatever you know  with keep in your mind that still many wants to read this as they are beginner or you will also update this article after some time . Create some unique post and wait for 2-3 month for a good traffic. When you found that 2K-3K per day traffic comes on your website than apply for Adsence.

Please take care below point before Applying on Google Adsense that these are main reason for Rejection.

What I do before apply on Google Adsense.

  • Google loves the high quality content for his visitors so please written big and unique good number of article.
  • Your blog should be good and in form of readable.
  • You required good Domain like .Com & .in ,try to avoid subdomain like blogspot.
  • Don’t apply on Google Adsense whenever your site found real traffic, please don’t try to enhance your traffic by friends and family ,
  • Take away from other advertising placement network before apply on Google Adsense.
  • Don’t put on your site any adult and illegal content.

Now it’s time to sing up on Google Adsense .It is as easy as we signup on other website for create a account but please fill all information carefully as these are require for payment to you from Google Adsense.

  1. You can singup by your gmail address or by domin email address.

2. After singup you will add your website detail and language on second page .

3. The  third page is application page , please fill all information carefully on this page as these are required  for payment.

4. on next page you will found a code for pasting on your website <head> at  HTML page, please paste this code as per instruction and wait for 1-2 week for result.

In between  1-2 weeks you will be notified whether application is accepted or rejected . if your application is rejected then you do necessary changes in your website and resubmit it.

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