How To Start a Blogging – Beginner’s Guide

Thanks for choose us for build your knowledge about blogging. I try to describe all about blogging in this article. – How to Start a Blogging – Beginner’s Guide

Before we discuss about blogging I really want to know WHY you want to join the blogging Community.

Don’t Sure, Choose in these:-

  1. You want to make money through blogging.
  2. You love blogging and blogging is your passion and you are searching path to start the carrier.
  3. You already start your carrier in blogging and want the way for success.

I try to address all your answer but first you want to know about blogging.

What is blogging?

Simple – Blogging is an art for writing a post for a blog.

If we write anything about a topic for a blog it’s called blogging, just choose a niche which you have a good knowledge and most important you want to share your knowledge with others.

Again this is too confusing for choose best niche because if you choose any niche which you haven’t a good knowledge then you want to read tons of books and blog for this before writing any blog.

If you are ready to read for any niche then you want to know what the best niche for earning money and popularity. You are lucky if you have already a niche for your blog, now you only required some creativity and path to start the blog.

For finding your best niche for blogging, first you need to understand why blogging is so popular.

Why blogging is so popular?

  1. As blogging is an art and this art is available in all people in different skills, we all already use this in our daily life. So blogging is for everyone, anyone start the blogging at any time.
  2. Blogging is a single person depended work so you don’t required any other for this.
  3. As this is single person work so don’t require any particular time for working on this, just start this when you are free.
  4. You start the working with small investment.
  5. During Blogging we also enhance our skills for searching on our niche.
  6. ETC..

I know you already familiar with all these, but I write all these on top for freshness of your mind that is confuse after reading of many other blogs on internet.

Now you know that blogging is simple and we already use this in our daily activity, also you don’t need any classes, infrastructure, high value tools for start this as a profession but again quotation comes that as a career what is the preliminary point of blogging and most important what is the best topic for me.

What is the best niche for Blogging.

Before going to discuss about best niche of blogging, please check your last 7 days Google search history, you found that you have searched all on Google which you don’t know. Best thing in this is you also have found your 99.99% result on Google. It’s happen due to lot of information available on internet for any matter.

It’s simple meaning that all type of niche for blogging is good if blog have entire or mandatory information of topic. If you a newbie then definitely you want best blog niche for big audience.

If I make a first simple definition of best blog niche then it is – which blog niche reader percentage is higher in respect of other blog niche reader percentage then we say that these higher percentage blog niches are the best niche.  


So when we discuss about best blog niche it’s really depend on public. Everyone wants to read higher versions of themselves.

Top 5 Best Blog Niches:-

  1. How to make money from Internet.
  2. Health and fitness blog
  3. Food
  4. Tourist places
  5. Beauty and fashion

Now you know all about blogging and blogging niche, I know you are in hurry for knowing money making tricks through blogging. But before knowing money making method from blogging you should be know how to start blogging? As I already say you will get all about blogging in this blog ,

How to start blog – easy guide in 5 steps.

You do need to order following 5 steps to start the blog. Please read all these carefully and try to recognize that blogging is for you or not. In this guide you found following steps.

  1. Choose the best blogging platform.
  2. Choose between self hosting and free other options.
  3. Register a domain name.
  4. Choose hosting plan and install WordPress.
  5. Draw the website or Select theme and plug-in.


If you able to complete all these steps then you have your own blog within a hour with complete setup. Only you require copying all steps on your laptop as I mentioned in this.


Step 1 – Choose the best blogging platform.

Blogging platform is the software or service that we use for writing and publish our blog onto the internet. There are hundreds of blog platform on internet and in this step we will choose best in all these.

Please check below chart that clearly shows that above 50% blog community choose the WordPress. 

WordPress is the biggest blogging platform in the world, it have more that 88 million active users.

There are many alternatives available like tumblr, blogger etc. but in all these I like WordPress due to following.

  1. It’s free with many themes, layout and add-on that are not provided by other.
  2. Easy setup – helpful for new user.
  3. Customer support – big customer support available for 24*7 .
  4. Many free themes and add-on available .
  5. Secure – Secure from hackers,

Other blogging platforms are not even near to matching the WordPress services. No doubt you should choose the WordPress for your blog.

Step 2 – Choose between self hosting and free other options.

You have both options for starting your carrier in blogging, you need to decide whether to pay for your blog or start with free one. I have mention pros or cos of both hosting options, but before this you should know about web hosting and why it is too important.

What is Web Hosting.

Web Hosting is a service which keeps and save user website and web-page data at his own servers. It’s just like a internet data bank, web-hosting service provider charging you some money against these services. Charged money depends on your hosting plan, you able to choose your hosting plan according to your need like – require data space, security etc..

When we post any blog on website or web-page then this post will be save by this hosting service provider on his servers and when any user wants to view this data then internet connect the user with these web-hosting server and data deliver to them through the browser.

You see many time that we faced difficulty to open some website on internet as they are take too much time for opening, in other case some website are open instantly on same internet speed, these all depend on web hosting provider.

What is free blogging platform?

Free blogging platform is like any website where you start your blogging after signup, for better understanding match up this with social networking site like face book,

After signup ,Facebook gives us a free space and limited controls on our profile, we don’t have our domain name we use facebook domain name for our profile. Facebook have all controls of our profile.

In Free account your website’s files are stored on your blogging platform’s servers. Your domain name is like, main – some cost also involve after initial set up.

What is self Hosting

When you are self hosted, you have your own domain and website name with unlimited access of available database with full control of your website, you have rights to change your hosting platform, If you are looking a long-term online presence then I recommend the self hosting in place of free blogging platform.

Before you final any hosting, please answer these quotation.

  1. You want to publish your own website or not.
  2. You have basic knowledge of website making on free blogging platform or not.
  3. What is your yearly budget?
  4. You want special functionality for your site.
  5. You want long-term online presence or not.
  6. You want your own control on your all data base or not.

Hope you have found your all answers; if not then understand the pros and cos of self hosting and free blogging platform.

Pros of free blogging platform.

  1. No Start-up cost
  2. Easy to setup as all platform already available.

Cos. of free blogging platform.

  1. You don’t have your own domain name.
  2. Less control on your blog
  3. You totally depend on your service provider.
  4. Limited access of themes, memory etc…


Why you should start with free blogging platform?

If right now you are not serious about blogging and just do the same for fun then you should go with free blogging platform..


Pros of self hosted blogging.

  1. You have your own domain name.
  2. You have fully control on your website.
  3. You able install unlimited custom themes and plugin .
  4. Search engine friendly.

Cos of self hosted blogging .

  1. Start-up cost involves.
  2. For newbie setup is not easy.

Why you should start with self hosted blog?

If you are looking long-term online presence and what your blog as per your need then you should be choose self hosted blog.

Hope you have chosen your blogging platform.

Step 3 – Register a domain name choose hosting plan and install WordPress( if you choose self hosting)

In this step you will book your domain and make a registration on hosting provider.

What is Domain:-

The Domain the basically url of your website in other words domain is address of your website or blog where people find you on internet. Exp. is domain of GOOGLE.

There are hundreds of web hosting providers. All are approx similar in payment and servicing, but you want best in all these.

I use iPage for my domain and hosting, it’s one of cheapest and best hosting provider.

If any reason you don’t want to go with iPage, you also go with other alternative like – Bluehost, hostgator, Godaddy etc…

Just go to iPage and do following steps:-

  1. Sing up
  2. Choose domain name.
  3. Choose hosting plan.
  4. Make payment.
  5. Install wordpress in one click.

For more depth please read how to start a blog with iPage.


Step 4 – Draw the website or Select theme and plug-in.

In this section you will design your blog exactly you want . Theme selection is pretty easy in WordPress .you should either go new WordPress theme and purchase a these from theme store.

For WordPress themes ;- go to Appearance > Themes


Now all save themes comes on your screen , if you want new one then you also search theme as per your requirement.

Theme will reflect your blog personality no meaning to choose any tour and travel theme if your blog is about sports.

congrats -hope your initial blog set-up is finished and ready to go and you like this guide.if you have any suggestion then please comment.

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