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Now you are in second step of blogging as you are interested for choose your best blogging niche



If I make a first simple definition of best blog niche then it is – which blog niche reader percentage is higher in respect of other blog niche reader percentage then we say that these higher percentage blog niches are the best niche.


So when we discuss about best blog niche it’s really depend on public. Everyone wants to read higher versions of themselves.

Top 5 Best Blogging Niche:-

  1. How to make money from Internet.
  2. Health and fitness blog
  3. Food
  4. Tourist places
  5. Beauty and fashion

Before going to discuss about best niche of blogging, please check your last 7 days Google search history, you found that you have searched all on Google which you don’t know. Best thing in this is you also have found your 99.99% result on Google. It’s happen due to lot of information available on internet for any matter.

It’s simple meaning that all type of niche for blogging is good if blog have entire or mandatory information of topic. If you are a newbie then definitely you want best blog niche for big audience.

But now quotation is what the best niche is for you. Confuse! ya we discuss about you and your niche, I know you are in hurry for starting the blogging and just go with any above niche as they are already top 5 best niches. As nobody is equally good in all sports same many niches is not for any. For sure success you should be know which niche is best for you.

Now time come to understand the difference of mention two sentences.

  • What is best blogging niche.
  • What is your best blogging niche.

But before this you need to know why you should not go with any niche.

Why you should not go with any blogging niche?

If you don’t love the choose niche you will boar after some time and same shows in your blog and due to this you will not create any new in your blog and people read the blog for solve the problem not random information.

What is your best blogging niche?

For finding your best niche you need to answer some quotation hope you found your best niche after this.

  1. In which subject you had done your study.
  2. What are your hobbies?
  3. Please make your last 7 days timetable with indicate the time period that’s you spend on work and when all completed arrange the time to decreasing (higher- to lower) order with work and mark top 4 activity.
  4. Please check your internet browser history and mark 3 topics that’s you search max time in last 7 days.

Note – please give your all answer with honesty,

Exp 1  – If you spend your highest time with flirting the girl/boy then please add the same in your answer and according to this you have a big knowledge of making friends and write such bolgs – what girl/boy wants with lover, 7 big mistake that’s you never do in new relationship etc..

Exp 2 – If you are a mother and you have spent your major time for kids’ upbringing then you are too lucky and you have to fill the bottomless ocean to write. Such – why child deny obeying their parents. The 7 things your kids will remember about you.

Hope after reading this guide you have find you best niche for blogging

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