Create Good image for your blog using powerpoint

We all like to read such article, story, blog which have good images, visual images help us to understand the content also visual images are more memorable in place of only textual content.

Only due to images we all love comics which have full of images in place of Novels in our child part.

How to create Good images for your blog using powerpoint

We all want good images in our blog for creating the blog more appealing. Images also help us to present the topic with minimum wording.

We all easily found all type of images on internet, Google present millions of images for any topic in a minute but we are not able to use these images due to legal problems.

Also it is big problem to manage download image with our niche theme.

For solution of this we want to modify and create new images according to our blog requirement.

In this blog you will find complete guide of making new images using of powerpoint. We all use powerpoint in our life for office work and presentation but only some to know that this is also a good tool for making good images.

When I start my blog I also face same problem, images available on many website but all have added some name or website name. These are not matched with my blog theme.

Then i start to searching the tool for creating and modification of the images according to my blog theme.

As i am a mechanical engineer and i have a little bit knowledge of auto cat and Corel but in both main problems is to create a new image from starting and it takes too time.

After this i try to create new images on photoshop and paint these are easy option but editing is too difficult.

Then i try powerpoint for changing and making new images and i like this too much. 

Before making the images you required to change your Resolution in PowerPoint.

Steps –

  1. Go to Start menu and type  “Run”  in search program
  2. Type “Regedit” in RUN and press enter.

  3 . Click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER – Software -Microsoft – Office — PowerPoint – Options.

  4).  Right click on the free space of right hand side and click on New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value.

  5)  Rename the file name “ExportBitmapResolution”

  6) Now modify the file and add 300 In Value data, and  choose “Decimal”. Then click ok .

Now all are completed your exported will be in high resolution.

PowerPoint have lot of tool for creating lots of shapes in which you can can create lots of images . .

in this Guide i will explain you all , please follow the steps.

 1) Create new power point file with blank presentation and go to insert shapes tab.

 2) Now  select the retangle shapes and overlap the slide.

3 ) Choose “No Outline and any colour which you like for your shape.

4) now your shape is ready , you can choose many shapes and photo  in this shape for show your desired images.

Final out put like this .

you also add multiple section in one image but after complete of your image Press “CTRL + A”  then right click on any element of the slide and select group element.

Last save this file in JPEG Format



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