How to Earn Money by affiliate programs

We all have seen some product ads on facebook and social networking sites and someone requesting us for purchase these product with using of  given link ,actually  in such cases company give a unique code to his customer and when some one purchase these product through this unique code or link  then company reward some money to his customer.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the wild forms of marketing where you refer to someone for buy any  product or use any service and when that person buy or use this  on behalf of  your recommendation, you earn your commission.

This type of marketing is not a new one , we are using this from many years in our daily routine life. For understanding this I present your some examples , after reading these you clearly understand  what is affiliate marking .

EXP 1  –  you want to open your account on any bank (A) and you don’t know any employee on this bank  so you call to your regular bank (B)  employee for referring your requirement to bank (A)   and your bank( B ) employee refer your requirement with Bank (A)  employee and bank (A) employee comes and open your account. Now quotation is why Bank (B) employee help you ,is simple he will earn recommend commission through bank (B) employee .

In this example referrer (Bank B employee) and seller (Bank A Employee) share his profit against a complete work and you will not pay any other charges for using other servicing for the same.

All online policy an insurance selling work comes In this like – paisa bajar, lic, etc..

EXP2 – when we travel any tourist place you see that always taxi drivers show interest for your stay in your hotel. And when you book any hotel with driver recommendation then driver gets some commission from hotel  and hotel adjust the same amount in profit.

In such cases referrer (driver) gets commission against a complete deal. And you will not pay any charges to hotel for using the servicing of referrer.

All online shopping website like flipkart, amajon, ebay, snapdeal, lenskart  using such affiliate marking .


How can I earn Money through affiliate marketing.


This is as easy as we share some message on facebook and whatsapp to our friends for gossiping of cricket ,movie or any actress.

But this time you require to start gossiping with your friends for discussion of features and benefit of any new product whereby your friends think about to buy this product.. when someone buy this product through your recommendation you will earn  your commission.

your earning through affiliate depends on many factor like

  1. Daily traffic you are getting
  2. your product category
  3. customer base
  4. brand value
  5. commission value
  6. and most important your choose affiliate program.


Best affiliate program in India

There are many trusted affliate program available in india i have listed here top 10 affiliate program for you.

  1. Amazon affiliate
  2. Jabong affiliat
  3. Myntra affiliate
  4. Flipkart affiliate
  5. Gearbest affiliate
  6. Clickbank
  7. V Commission
  8. Impact Radius
  9. ShareAsale
  10. lenskart


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