How to make Money through Whatsapp

Friends Lots of people search money making ways on internet but someone knows that we will earn lots of money through whatsupp. we all use whatsapp in our life for share message and picture but after reading this article you able to earn through Whatsapp .

As whatsapp is a messenger service there is no direct way of earn money. But you start earning  through whatsapp by marketing or sharing of any brand for this you required to change your whatsapp member into money.

Before I tell you way and step of making money you required to understand the concept of working.

We all have many group in whatsapp , lets assume any have added in 10 groups and all group have 1000 member.

If I share a message on whatsapp on all  group then this message will reach on 1000*10 = 10,000 member.

If I send 10 message daily for promotion of any brand or joining any app .. then total views of ten message is = 10000*10 = 1,00,000

Now calculate the min 0.01% of success of your message  (means your success rate is only 1 on 10000 Views

Means on total 1,00,000 views your success rate is  = 10 member only- this is min ration which we assume.

If you have earn min Rs. 10 on per success member then you have earn min Rs. 10*10 = Rs. 100 on same day.

Means you have earn min 100*30 = Rs. 3000 monthly by just sending only ten message per day.

Please keep in your mind that all above mentioned with min nos, there is no limit of earning on whatsapp, more member = more group=more views=more money

Also when your friend share same message your earning will also increase.


What type of message send on whatsapp for earning money?

There are lots of ways to earn money through whatsapp. I have mention some ways here but will use other ways according to your requirement.

  1. You will earn money by promotion of your brand , website.
  2. Earn money by referral of any app.
  3. Earn money by promote any blog , video.
  4. Earn good income by affiliate program
  5. Earn Money by selling product of your store .
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