On Page SEO Guide for rank higher on google – 2017

Congrats… you have completed the all basic of blogging as you are come here for understand the basic fundamental of On page SEO.

What is SEO –Full form of SEO is – Search engine optimization, according to laymen – SEO is the process of making your website more visible on search engines.

Internet is a big ocean of information and we don’t able to reach our require information in a second without the help search engine.

In simple words Search engine works like a key for showing all the available information related to our search words ..(Key + Words= Keywords)

All search engine works on a basic technique for showing your blog in search result from 1st to 100 pages.

You should found higher rank in google if your on page SEO in good.

What is On Page SEO- On page SEO is a process to make your Page more visible on search engines for higher rank.

On Page SEO Guide in simple 10 steps

In this Guide I will explain you all the technique of good on page SEO in Simple 10 steps

1) Add Focus Keywords in your title –

What is Focus Keywords – Your blog will found rank on search engine of these keywords, when someone search these Keywords, search engine shows your blog..


Your title says people what your blog is about, for good On Page SEO you should add your focus keywords in your title.

2) Add focus keywords in Heading 2-

Heading 2  present content of your next paragraph and reader easily assume spirit of this paragraph after read this heading. that’s why such blogs found high rank in search engine that’s have focus keywords in heading 2 ,


Please add focus keywords in min two time in two heading. .

3) Add Focus keywords in first 100 Words –

Your first 100 words shows summary of your blog, if these are are eye-catching then user eventually interact with your blog.








That’s why your focus keywords should be available in first 100 words for higher rank..

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4) Add Focus Keywords in image –

when we search anything on google image search option we only found such images that’s have  focus keywords in alternative text..

on page seo

it means your visibility on google will higher if your all images have focus keywords.

5) Add focus keywords in URL-

your google rank will higher if your focus keywords available in your URL.-

on page seo 11

we all open any blog on google after reading url and title of blog, if url and title is match with our search requirement then we open the same . that’s why you should add your focus keywords in your url .

6) your focus keywords density should be higher than 1%-

As per expert your rank will high on google if your focus keywords density will above of 1% , its meaning if you have a blog of 2000 words then focus keywords should be come come in your blog min 2000×1% =20 times.

7) Add meta description with focus keywords  for good on page seo-

What Is meta Description-

A meta description is a 160 words snippet which use to summarize the blog or page content. search engine shows these content in HTML tag.

on page seo

your rank will higher on google if you have added meta description with focus keywords in your blog.

8) Google love long post quality content-.

As per expert google gives 1st rank on such blog that’s have above 3000 words with good content and on page SEO. please try to make your all content withe min 1000 words for higher rank on google.

9) Use only responsive theme for your website.

Today we all use internet on our mobile for all type of works and we don’t want to go any website that  have not mobile version. due to our this habit now all mobile comes with big screen and higher ram. in short we all have a small laptop in our pocket. but all these mobile have different operating system.

What is responsive good design theme/website-

Theme which works in all operating system like – android, ios, windows, java, with all type screen like tablet , computer, mobile and give batter output to visitors

Google also give importance of such website and give higher rank in search result.

10) Add modifier in your title-

Modifier helps you for increase your post visibility on google. you should add one or more modifier in your title .

on page seo

In this post i have added two modifier in title 1) Guide 2) 2017 .

11) use internal link  –

Internal  links helps the visitors to stay on your website for more time, they also increase your website traffic ,

They works likes a chain and move the reader from one blog to another on your website.Google consider visitors stay time and traffic of website for higher ranking .

you should add  internal link related to your post or page.

on page seo

use only 3-4 internal link in 1000 words post, many internal links will decrease your on page seo .

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12) use outbound link  –

what is outbound links  – when any link point to some other website from your website is called outbound link .

outbound links helps google to find your website niche through outbound links.

on page seo guide

you should use high authority outbound links , bad outbound links decrease your website ranking.

use only 3-4 outbound link in 1000 words post, many outbound links will decrease your on page seo

13) use social button-

social buttons may not be important as on page seo factor but these button will increase the traffic of your website and google give higher rank on website that’s have good traffic or reader.

on page seo guide

14) Don’t add stop keywords in focus keywords, slug or url.

you should not add Stop keywords in  your focus keywords,slug and url. these will decrease you higher ranking in search engine.

please try to avoid stop keywords in above for good on page seo.

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